Terrarium Day.

If there is one thing I have realized in my short 21 years of life, it is that nothing quite happens when you plan it, instead it does when it is supposed to. So tonight, I was in Corvallis again visiting. It was foggy and cold, I went to the a pub called Flat-tail with Jeremy. It was busy and warm inside, we were content on the local brews. You could  see where they were made just behind the glass window in an impressive industrial fashion. I had a beer called “nice melons” that tasted like summer, while he had a spicy apple beer. We were strolling to the car, happy and full, when I spotted some moss. As you could imagine I was especially taken with it and Jeremy and I collected it off the parking lot like kids finding seashells at the beach. We stuffed it into  a Dutch Bro’s cup I had gotten from work and I took the treasure home. I finally made my first Terrarium, all I used was rock, charcoal for drainage, and potting soil. 

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Show me a garden

I am experiencing a day off for the first time in a while, which I have done almost near to nothing with. Many projects and desires are floating around my head but one in particular has been knocking on my heart. I am completely in love with Terrariums. So tomorrow is my big day. I have recently discovered a store called Artemisia completely devoted to terrariums in Portland, OR http://artemisiaon28th.blogspot.com/ and an online store that has terrariums http://www.etsy.com.  I have  accumulated many supplies over the weeks in attempts to make a tiny botanical world.  I want to try to make my own and then make a trip to “Mecca” if you will to Artemisia, where I can actually pick and piece together a custom one with whatever my heart desires, underwater plants for aqua gardens, desert plants, moss, lichen, ferns, marimo, succulents, driftwood, pebbles, sea shells, etc. It is hard to find the right kind of moss without going on a long journey in the woods, if you work and go to college this is something that is in short supply.  I am living in Eugene, OR currently and I am going to see my boyfriend Jeremy, in Corvallis, to look for supplies.