Beauty’s Saving Grace: Lisa Eldridge.

As of late I have been noticing that the regular grocery store makeup and skin care products aren’t cutting it. I am burried in unfinished products that aren’t moisturizing enough and yet cheap enough that I want to buy more and try more in my pursuit. That is when Lisa Eldridge walked in to my life with flawless skin, tutorials, and an angelic british accent. She has done makeup  for many fashion shoots and shows, and many actors including, Kate Bosworth and Kirstin Dunst. The amount of looks that she has created are simple and teach proper application in a way that keeps me coming to her site daily to educate myself on something I deemed myself very knowledgable on. It is like being in a library of looks for every situation, activity, event, and season. Your skin is an investment and if you take care of your skin then the less makeup you will need. Finding out what she does for her skin has taken  me away from the endless product walls at Wallmart and taken me to the safer concentrated Sephora where I found things to be a little more but exactly what I needed. I can already feel the difference. For looks and guidance on skincare and makeup, visit her site   at


Hometown Glory: Jeff Gogue.

I come from a small town in southern Oregon called Grants Pass, the things one loves about a small town are simple and more or less taken for granted.  These little jewels have certain calm in a busy world, the river, the people, the memories, the familiarity. One not so small thing that our little town produced was a man named Jeff Gogue, who has become a world renowned tattoo artist. He has tatted many of my friends and those in my town. He has gone far from the small river town to tattoo people everywhere and even those who, in some aspects, are fortunate enough to be in the attention of the media (Sylvester Stallone etc.) Go to to see more of his art.

Portland’s Brewcycle.

What could possibly bring 15 strangers together better than drinking you might say? Well Portland has a 15 person, cycle powered “bikebus” guided brewery tour in Portland. My boyfriend, Jeremy, got us tickets to do this before we go to a Blazers game and I am so excited. Not only is it fun, but we can get toasty without the responsibility of steering. If your legs get tired just drink more beer! Ladies don’t fret, you’ll cycle the calories away the whole time. How is this possible?  For a two hour tour, week days $20 per seat, Friday and Saturday $25 per seat. Also available to rent the entire bike by the hour for $150 per hour week days and $170 per hour Fridays and Saturdays. After calling for availability and gathering your friends you can enjoy onboard sound system, good company and good beer. Go to   for details.

“Be prepared to experience your favorite breweries in a whole new way! Combining Portland’s love of handcrafted beer and biking, the BrewCycle will take you, as fast as you can pedal, to your next ice cold brew!”

Questions? Give us a call anytime! 971-400-5950

Props to Ezra Caldwell

Recently I have been thinking about my bike. When I was younger I had a baby blue Schwinn, it was beautiful. When I got older it was a maroon mountain bike and before I had a car, it was freedom. On summer days I answered to no one, I came and went as I pleased. I felt strong. The days of baby blue and mountain maroon have been knocking on my heart my whole life, I was recently given a beautiful racing bike by my unrelated aunt Aleshia, a triathalon competitor,  with a lot of her inspiration, she spurred my love for bikes back into my life enough to make me act upon it. She has finished Iron Man Canada and cross trains with swimming, running, and biking.  Her bike looked like alien technology compared to what I was used to. She wouldn’t tell me where she got it, how much it was, only that I was to ride. It is a CFR Three, custom carbon fiber Giant, with curled raspberry colored handlebars and I love every inch of that bike. So I get the bike and Jeremy and I go to the beach and I was running and swimming and then fast forward to Eugene, I moved, life happened.  I had to leave my bike at a friends house…and it has been there for 3 months or more. I finally got it back two days ago. I need to start riding again. I read an inspirational article today about Ezra Caldwell’s Fast Boy Cycles. The article really got me moving and for once I felt like I did this summer with Aleshia and I think even in this foggy cold weather, I am starting to see baby blue and mountain maroon. Custom Cool: Interview with Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles.