Beauty’s Saving Grace: Lisa Eldridge.

As of late I have been noticing that the regular grocery store makeup and skin care products aren’t cutting it. I am burried in unfinished products that aren’t moisturizing enough and yet cheap enough that I want to buy more and try more in my pursuit. That is when Lisa Eldridge walked in to my life with flawless skin, tutorials, and an angelic british accent. She has done makeup  for many fashion shoots and shows, and many actors including, Kate Bosworth and Kirstin Dunst. The amount of looks that she has created are simple and teach proper application in a way that keeps me coming to her site daily to educate myself on something I deemed myself very knowledgable on. It is like being in a library of looks for every situation, activity, event, and season. Your skin is an investment and if you take care of your skin then the less makeup you will need. Finding out what she does for her skin has taken  me away from the endless product walls at Wallmart and taken me to the safer concentrated Sephora where I found things to be a little more but exactly what I needed. I can already feel the difference. For looks and guidance on skincare and makeup, visit her site   at